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Visiting Lasher Sport In Las Vegas

For 10 years Lasher Sport was located in Anchorage, Alaska. However, we were too far away from those who wanted to visit the Lasher Sport Shop and try our chairs and handcycles. In 2014, we changed all that! Lasher Sport is now located in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada just five miles from McCarran International Airport and a few minutes from local hotels and resorts on the Las Vegas Strip.
While our showroom is one of the hottest places off the Strip, there are plenty of other attractions to experience and enjoy while you visit.
Whether you want to catch a concert, circus or magic show, experience the Grand Canyon from a helicopter, find kid-sized adventures for the whole family, or take your Lasher Sport handcycle out for a spin at scenic Red Rock Canyon , Las Vegas offers something for everyone. Here are some helpful links to plan your next Las Vegas adventure: